First Lady Nataya Sharp

Sis. Nataya Sharp is the First Lady at Living Word Christian Church in Garland, TX, where she assists her husband Pastor Sharp in ministry. Sis. Sharp is no stranger to working in the ministry. She was brought up in the church, for Sis. Sharp is the daughter of Bishop Williams is currently the Pastor of Living Word International Ministries (LWIM) in Junction City, Kansas. Living Word Christian Church is under the covenant of Bishop Williams’ church, LWIM.

Sis. Sharp received the Lord as her personal Savior in October, 1994. In June 1996 she married Jerry Sharp Jr. and in May 1998 she received her bachelor’s degree in Accounting at Kansas Wesleyan University.

Immediately after graduation Pastor Sharp moved his family back to his hometown of Garland, TX. They became members of Praise Temple Church in Garland under the leadership of Pastor Young. It was at Praise Temple where Sis. Sharp begin to expound on the Word of God.

In October 2003, God led the Sharp’s to start Living Word Christian Church in Garland, TX. God gave them a mandate to preach the Word of God so that lives could be changed by the power of the Word. God has blessed the ministry and in April 2007 they were able to reside in their own church building.

God has truly blessed Sis. Sharp in every area of her life. Pastor Jerry and Sis. Sharp have two beautiful children Jalen and Jernaya Sharp.